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Return Policy

We are proud of our quality products and strive to make the return process easy and efficient.

Return Policy Summary

See complete Return Policy below.

What Can Be Returned?

The vast majority of the items we sell may be returned within 15 days of purchase, however some items are not returnable. Items which are custom-ordered, or custom-made to order, may not be returned.

What Does It Cost?

In nearly all cases there are no additional fees (re-stock fees) when you return your merchandise to San Cedar Direct. Shipping charges may apply. Unless we made an error, or the product is defective, you are responsible for the cost of shipping your merchandise back to us. Of course shipping charges don’t exist if you bring your return to one of our locations.

How Do I Get My Stuff Back To You?

We strive to make our return process easy and efficient. You have three easy ways to return your merchandise to us:

  • You can bring your item(s) back to any San Cedar Direct yard location
  • If you have large and/or heavy merchandise, and it’s within our local delivery zone, you may contact us and arrange for a San Cedar Direct delivery truck to swing by and pick up your material. A $75 fee applies.
  • You may ship your item(s) back to us via carrier or courier or some other method at your own expense.

Do I Need Prior Permission or Authorization?

Only if you are shipping your items back to us. In that case, in order to process your return efficiently and issue your refund quickly, we will want to be ready on our end when your material comes back. Another reason for setting up a Return Authorization (RA) is to allow us to help make the whole return process as easy for you as possible.

How Do I Pack My Item(s) For Shipment? Once I Pack It Up, What Then?

When you contact us to arrange for a Return Authorization we will provide you with convenient, easy to follow packing and shipping instructions.

Full Return Policy

Eligible Merchandise

Regular Stock Items

Most of the items we offer on our web site are "regular stock" items. Regular stock items can be returned without fee or restriction (subject to the conditions below).

Regular stock items are either items that we keep in regular stock at one of our retail yards, or items that are kept in regular stock at our distribution. Cut materials, tinted paint and stain merchandise are not returnable.

Customized Items

Some of the items we sell are custom cut, or made-to-order. When selling a customized item we make it clear to you that the items you are buying may not be returned for any reason.

There is an important exception to this: if San Cedar Direct made a mistake when making your customized merchandise, and it turns out to be not appropriate for your use, we will do what it takes to rectify the situation. Note that certain details apply to our policy regarding custom orders. We will review these in detail with you as we go through the ordering process.

"Boneyard" Items

Final clearance items purchased from our “Boneyard” are sold on an all sales final basis, and cannot be returned

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges do not apply when you return your merchandise in person at one of our yards.

However, if you ship your return merchandise back to us by courier, carrier, or via one of our delivery trucks, you are responsible for the cost of that shipment.

Please note that the original shipping charges incurred on your purchase are not refundable as part of your return or exchange.


We will not charge you for return shipping if the reason for the return is:

Return Methods

We strive to make our return process easy and efficient. You have several easy ways to return your merchandise to us:

In-Store Return

You can return your merchandise to any San Cedar Direct location within 15 days of purchase. Simply bring your merchandise back to a location near you.

If you bring your receipt it will make the return process faster, but don’t’ worry if you don’t have your receipt. As long as you bought the merchandise from our website we will have a record of your purchase, and will be able to look it up in the store.

If you paid by credit card be sure to bring the same card with you for the return/credit.

Pickup By San Cedar Direct Delivery Truck

If you have large and/or heavy merchandise, and it’s within our local delivery zone, you can contact us and arrange for a San Cedar Direct delivery truck to swing by and pick up your material. A $75 pick-up fee applies

To schedule a pick-up of return materials please contact us by phone so that one of our salespeople can nail down all the necessary details with you. Call the yard location closest to you to make the arrangements.

Other Arrangements

If none of the methods above work for you we can help to make other arrangements. Just contact our customer service department and we’ll work things out.

Return Authorization

If you would like to ship your merchandise back to us via courier or carrier, please contact us first and obtain a Return Authorization.

A Return Authorization (RA) consists of three things:

  • an RA number
  • a shipping label
  • a set of easy to follow instructions

We will deliver these three things to you via e-mail. Once you have your RA number, shipping label, and instructions you can simply box up your merchandise and send it back to us, secure in the knowledge that as soon as we receive it we will promptly process your return and issue you the appropriate refund.

To arrange for a RA simply contact our customer service department. Be sure to include your order number and your name (either personal or business name – whichever you used for your original order). You may also call us at 604-515-4999. We will deal with your request promptly, and quickly send you the necessary documents and instructions quickly.

How Long Will It Take?

We strive to process returns as quickly as possible. Typically we will process a return and issue a refund within 5-7 business days after we receive it.

Returns that arrive with proper paperwork and in good condition will see the shortest processing time.

Remember to allow for time in transit when estimating how long the whole process will take.

Your Money

Your refund will be issued to the original form of payment you used to make your purchase.


  • Credit Card - We will apply your refund to the same card that you used to purchase the merchandise.
  • San Cedar Direct Commercial Accounts - Credit will be applied to your commercial account as soon as your merchandise is inspected and processed.